Slava (2nd Moscow Watch Factory)


- Cornavin
- Kama
- Molnia
- Pobeda
- Salyut
- Sekonda

- Slava
- Start
- Vympel



1924, begin production of clocks

1941, begin production of pocket watches

1941, factory evacuated to Chistopol

1944, return to Moscow

late 1940s begin production of 'Salyut' pocket watch and 'Pobeda' wrist watch

late 1950s introduction of 'Slava' brand, originally for women
1966, Sekonda brand established, including several Slava models

1966, factory awarded the Order of the Workers' Red Banner

early 1970s first quartz analogue watch

1974, factory awarded the Order of the October Revolution

1992, end of USSR, factory becomes a joint stock company with large government stake

1992, enters partnership with 1st Moscow Watch Factory to create Gold Time watch company

1993, Sekonda stop sourcing watches from Russia

mid 1990s cease production of quartz movements

2003, attempted buy-out of factory site for redevelopment

Other Comments:
Aside from the introduction of a new waterproof case design, very little development seems to have occured in the last decade.
Slava continues to be a major producer for the domestic market.