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The history of the open joint-stock company "Minsk Watch Plant" began in 1953 when the decision to construct such an enterprise was made. It was also the starting point for the new watch industry in the Republic of Belarus. The plant building started in autumn of 1954 according to the project developed by the Leningrad Institute "Gipropribor" and the Belorussian Institute Belgosproekt. The main aim of the plant working was making women's watches.

Minsk Watch Plant was constructed to produce a wide range of models and the release of the first collection in 1956 showed that watches “Luch” are in great demand. First 57000 of Zarja watches were produced. In next 2 years more than 210000  watches were sold.

Besides the assembly shop, new automatic, mechanical assembly, instrumental shops have appeared since 1957.

In 1963 the plant sold 1050000 of women's watches "Vympel", which were very popular in the United Kingdom for a long time, started.

In 1964 17 ruby stones women's watches "Luch-1300" were developed and delivered for sale from the MWP.

They were the smallest watches the USSR had ever made before: the size of such a watch was not bigger than 10 copeck coin.

Implementing the market approach during the period of structural economic reforms in 1995-2000 slowed down the development of the company. Nevertheless, these changes helped Minsk Watch Plant to reach new levels of competitiveness. The result is that nowadays Minsk Watch Plant is a modern automated enterprise that employs more than one thousand people and that is among the leaders of the watch industry in Eastern Europe.

The system of quality management on Minsk Watch Plant corresponds to the international standard ISO 9001. During the first six months of the year 2004 the sales volume increased by more than 10% and 12 new models were released. The “Luch” watches were constantly awarded with prizes and diplomas at the international watches exhibitions.