Raketa (Petrodvorets Watch Factory)


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- Leningrad
- Mayak
- Pobeda


- Raketa
- Russia
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- Svet


1721, Establishment of Petrodvorets jewel-cutting industry.

1930, Establishment of 1st State Precision Jewel Factory.

1940, Sole supplier of jewels to 1st State Watch Factory.

1944, Factory destroyed by war.

1949, Factory rebuilt and begins production of Zvezda and Pobeda watches.

1954, Establishment of Petrodvorets Watch Factory.

1962, Raketa brand launched.

1966, Sekonda export label launched, including Raketa models.
1970s Watches produced for Swiss brand Cornavin.

1977, Totally automated production.

1980s Peterhoff brand launched.

1980s-90s Watches produced for Swiss brand Cardinal.

1991, End of the USSR.

1993, Sekonda stop sourcing watches from Russia.

1994, Peterhoff becomes independent brand.

1995, Factory closed. Peterhoff brand continues.

2000, Factory resumes limited production.

Other Comments:
While the plant closure is mentioned frequently on the www, There is no date for its reopening - it just suddenly reappeared!

Raketa's famous 24 Hour and Perpetual Calendar models are back in production, although not promoted through official sources. Peterhoff brand uses Raketa, Poljot and Vecta movements - source of cases during plant closure is unknown.