1966 Established by Chasprom (USSR watch industry central agency) for the foreign marketing of Soviet watches.
Late 1970s some Hong Kong assembly of Soviet manufactured watches.

Mid 1980s introduction of Asian components into Hong Kong assembled quartz watches, in parallel with Soviet production of quartz and mechanical watches.

1986 Hong Kong production of some entirely non-Soviet quartz Sekondas.

1992 end of Soviet Union and dispersion of Chasprom enterprises, privatization of Russian watch factories begins.

1993 Sekonda(UK) abandons Russian manufacturers in favour of all-Asian watch suppliers.

Other Comments:
Models of note include Sekonda-badged versions of 'Strela' chronograph used in the Soviet space program, and Poljot De Luxe ultra-thin automatic.

All Soviet produced Sekondas are signed 'USSR', however post-Soviet Russian models are never labelled 'Russia'. Soviet-era, non-'USSR' models are made in Hong Kong from Japanese and Taiwanese parts.